Where I Came From

Oklahoma City Attorney Robert R. Robles

Robert was born and raised in the barrios of Houston, Texas. His grandparents came from Mexico, looking for a better life for themselves and their families. All his family, including his father, were small businessmen. Robert grew up listening to the sounds of the ships as they glided up the Houston ship channel to the turning basin. He earned his first dollar turning a wrench and using a tire iron. His friends and neighbors were working people, struggling against language and culture to find a place in the American dream. Robert was the first of his family to go to college, and the first to become a professional.

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He knows about making the dream come true. He knows from his own background and experience that with hard work and a fair shake, you can succeed and prosper in this great land of ours. It is this spirit of hope and possibility he takes to the office every working day. And I know, because I see him go out the door each morning and talk with him each evening. I have been his wife and friend for over 25 years.

I could tell you about his degrees, accomplishments, honors and citations, but I think what you really want to know about him is can he help you. Yes, I know he can. He can help you because he is capable, he is creative, he is conscientious, and he is persistent.

He is creative. For Robert thinking outside the box is just a natural. The problem you bring may be complex, but he has the rare gift of seeing through to the core issues. Combine this with 38 years of legal expertise, a ‘get-it-done’ attitude, and you have someone that can solve your problem.

Robert is capable, with 30 years as a practicing attorney in Oklahoma prove it. After law school he did not go to work for a large law firm or a government agency, rather he went to work for himself. He bought his first suit for $75 (and that included two pair of pants and a vest). He bought his first office furniture at an auction. On his first trip out of town to represent a client, Robert slept in his car in order to save the cost of a hotel room. He has come a long way since then, but he is working as hard today as he did back in those early days. Robert has handled a vast array of different cases, from capitol murder to small claims, and helped thousands of people. There is no problem too large or too small; if it is your problem, then it is Robert’s problem.

Robert is conscientious. He was brought up by parents who taught him to have pride and dignity in his work, and the importance of building lasting relationships. I have worked as Robert’s office manager for the last twelve years, and for over twenty-five years by his side as his wife. Seeing him daily with clients and their families, I can assure you that when you sit down with Robert, the man sitting across from you is trustworthy, compassionate and courageous. Call him today.

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