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Only an experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney will be able to thoroughly investigate your case and advise you on the many ways to obtain full compensation for your personal injury claim. Many insurance companies will deny liability or wrongfully delay your compensation in an attempt to reduce their payout on your claim. Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your personal injury dispute with an experienced lawyer. At the Robert R. Robles Law Firm, I have provided aggressive and effective representation to clients throughout Oklahoma and individuals with the following:


Auto Accident Claims Need Skilled Lawyers

An auto accident can be a very frightening experience. A serious wreck may result in a catastrophic injury, such as quadriplegia; paraplegia; head, neck, back, and spinal cord trauma; traumatic brain injuries (TBI); amputation; closed head injuries; and even death. At the law firm of Robert R. Robles, I represent clients who have been significantly injured by a car, truck or recreational vehicle accident that was caused by the negligence of another. I have the knowledge, experience and legal skills necessary to help you when you need it most. Together, we can hold the negligent driver responsible for their actions and help you recover compensation for your injuries… more»

Workers’ Compensation Injuries Claims Can Be Complex

The workers’ compensation system is designed to provide a simple and efficient process for employees to seek compensation for work-related injuries. The workers’ compensation process does not require an employee to show the employer was “at-fault” but only that the injury occurred in the “course and scope” of employment. In the simplest terms, this means that the employee is performing some sort of function or task for the benefit of the employer. The workers’ compensation system also provides the employer with some protection from lawsuits brought by employees for work-related injuries. Workers’ compensation cases often involve complicated legal issues… more»

Dangerous Products Injuries

Defective products account for numerous injuries to adults and children every year. A tire blowout may be responsible for an auto accident that inflicts a serious and life-changing injury. Faulty machinery at a construction site may leave a worker with an amputated limb. Farm machinery may cause an injury to an agricultural worker. Oilfield accidents may result in catastrophic injuries or death…more»

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Our Experienced Auto Defect Lawyers

A car accident or other vehicle accident may have resulted from an auto defect instead of human error. In these situations, the car manufacturer must be held responsible for the product defect that leads to the accident. However, these are difficult cases that need to be addressed by an experienced auto defect and auto recall attorney…more»

Traumatic Injuries Cases

After an accident or incident, it is important everyone involved seek medical treatment. A doctor can effectively assess your situation and determine the types of traumatic injuries that may have been suffered. The Law Office of Robert R. Robles is an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, law firm that represents individuals and families whose lives have been forever altered by a traumatic injury…more»

Wrongful Death Cases

The death of a loved one is an overwhelming emotional experience. The situation may be made worse by the fact their family member died as the result of the negligence. The surviving family, though still grieving the loss, are often left wondering if there is anything they can do to obtain justice for their loved one. At the Law Office of Robert R. Robles in Oklahoma City, I work to help clients understand their rights and the potential for filing a wrongful death lawsuit…more»

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