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A car accident or other vehicle accident may have resulted from an car defect instead of human error. In these situations, the car manufacturer must be held responsible for the product defect that leads to the accident. However, these are difficult cases that need to be addressed by an experienced auto defect and auto recall attorney.

At my Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, office, the Law Office of Robert R. Robles, I utilize over 30 years of experience in the course of helping my clients seek justice in their auto defect cases. Throughout the entirety of my practice, I have maintained a focus on the clients, aggressively advocating for their rights and compensation for the injuries that have been suffered.

There are strict time limits for the taking of legal action in such cases, so do not hesitate to send us an email or call us at 405-232-7980 for a free consultation.

Car makers are large companies that have large legal departments. However, I do not become intimidated when facing the opposition. I am committed to standing up for my clients rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Though they spend lots of money defending their rights, vehicle manufacturers do not always spend the money necessary to ensure that the vehicle as the essential safety products. Some of the types of vehicle defect personal injury matters that I handle include:

  • Faulty seatbelts
  • Defective glass
  • Roof crush defects (in SUV rollover situations)
  • Defective tires
  • Faulty elements on multi passenger vans

International Auto Manufacturers Are Not Immune from Liability

Though many of the publicized auto recall and manufacturing defect matters have pertained specifically to American auto makers, international manufacturers are not immune from liability in vehicle defect cases. I handle cases in which an international car company is liable for a defect that cause serious and traumatic injuries.

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