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A DUI conviction can have serious and lasting effects. You have 15 days from the date of your arrest to protect your license. Offenders may be subjected to incarceration, heavy fines, increased insurance rates, and a drivers’ license suspension. A DUI, DWI or OUI conviction will leave a permanent mark on your criminal and driving records. Individuals whose livelihood depends on operating a truck, taxi, and even an airplane can be severely affected by a drunk driving charge, as a conviction makes it nearly impossible to obtain a commercial drivers’ license.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in or around Oklahoma City, a DUI lawyer must be contacted immediately. At the

Law Office of Robert R. Robles, I will use more than 30 years of experience to protect your interests, assert your rights, and battle against any drunk driving charge.

Protect your License. Protect your Rights.

A skilled Oklahoma City DUI lawyer will advise you on the many ways to successfully fight an Oklahoma drunk driving charge. Possible options include plea bargaining down to the less serious reckless driving charge, or completing an alcohol treatment program in lieu of criminal charges. However, these options are not available in all cases. Only an experienced DUI attorney can accurately determine what avenue of defense is right for you. Your case may proceed to litigation, where you will need a serious and experienced lawyer to protect your rights and defend you against serious consequences.

Experienced Oklahoma City Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of Robert R. Robles, I provide a comprehensive analysis of all drunk driving cases. I investigate whether the arresting officer had a valid reason for pulling you over in the first place. The methods used to determine your level of intoxication will also be thoroughly examined. Did the officer subject you to a field sobriety test? Did you submit to a breath test? Was the officer properly certified to use a breathalyzer?

As I piece together the incident, I also begin building your defense. I understand the importance of protecting my clients against a DUI conviction. I invite you to

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