In the last 24 hours, the State of Oklahoma passed House Bill 2597, also known as the “Constitutional Carry” Bill.
Introduced by Majority Leader Jon Echols, (R-Oklahoma City), the bill allows anyone who is not a felon, adjudicated as mentally defective, or who has had a conviction for a crime involving domestic violence, to carry a gun without a license in Oklahoma. Oklahomans would thereby be given the right to carry a handgun without going through the permit process, though federal laws still apply.
On Wednesday, February 27th, the “Constitutional Carry” Bill was passed in the Senate with a 40-6 vote and was then immediately signed in by Governor Kevin Stitt.
Governor Stitt stated, “I have said from the very beginning I would sign legislation that places Oklahoma in the ranks with [the] 12 other states allowing Constitutional Carry. HB 2597 received overwhelming support in the House, and I applaud leadership for advancing a measure that supports Oklahomans’ 2A rights.”
Starting November 1st, 2019, otherwise qualified Oklahomans over the age of 21 will be permitted to carry without a permit. In addition, veterans, active duty and reserve military members (ages 18 and over) will be allowed to carry without a permit under the Bill.
The new law does not prevent institutions of higher education from setting their own policies regarding the carrying of guns on campuses and allows private property owners to prohibit firearms from being carried on their property.
With the addition of Oklahoma, almost 1/3 of states have passed some form of permitless carry.
Could your state be next??