Probate Litigation Attorney Robert R. Robles

In Oklahoma, a probate court hears and rules on cases involving the proper transfer of property to the surviving members or rightful beneficiaries of a deceased person. The probate process is also used by government agencies to collect any tax obligations that are commonly due during the transfer of real property upon death.

Probate court ensures that any outstanding debt the deceased member has left unpaid is settled, and creditors are required to file any claims to debts by a time specified by the probate court. Since creditors have a limited time to file their claim in the probate court, the probate process takes seven months or longer to conclude. Any remaining balance of the estate or real property is distributed to the beneficiaries after the estate has satisfied these outstanding debts, and all taxes have been paid.

Probate can be a very cumbersome legal process in Oklahoma. Therefore, the assistance of an experienced probate attorney is usually necessary and required by the court.

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Protect Beneficiary Rights in Oklahoma Probate Court by Hiring a Litigation Attorney

Hiring the right probate attorney is critical when you or other beneficiaries are involved in the Oklahoma probate process. Emotions usually run high due to the loss of a loved one. Those emotions along with differences in opinion concerning how the real property or assets should be distributed to each surviving member or beneficiary only compound the emotional challenges.

The final result of any probate litigation will have lasting financial effects on the beneficiaries and their families. I will use more than 30 years of experience to review the estate, any wills or documentation, and any claims made by creditors to ensure that the probate process is fair and just.

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