I’d like to talk to you today about carrying your gun in a church. As of November 1, 2018, guns in churches are now protected under the Castle Doctrine.
Everybody knows about the Castle Doctrine—that it has an immunity aspect and protection. It has a presumption of fear of death or grievous bodily harm as one of its main components. In general terms, that means that during festivities, during religious worship, during holidays, at all times, and at all events, the place of worship is protected under the Castle Doctrine. People can defend church property, church members, and each other.
Now then, can the church, by exercising a rule or regulation, prohibit the carrying of firearms at its location? The answer is yes, the church could post signs that state: “this is a gun-free zone.” And if someone is caught or observed carrying a firearm on the premises, they could be asked to leave or ejected from the premises. If the person should resist, police could be called. And if there’s further resistance, they would be arrested and taken to jail, where they would be fined a maximum of $250 for criminal trespass, a misdemeanor.