Every moment you spend with your child is precious if you’re a non-custodial parent, so you want to make the best of your visitation and parenting time. However, an Oklahoma court’s order on parenting time typically provides little more than a schedule. A judge won’t offer much guidance on how to take advantage of parenting time in such a way as to help promote a strong, healthy relationship with your child. With some general tips and legal assistance from a child custody attorney in Oklahoma, you can win at parenting time.
Review Parenting Time with Children
Get the kids on board with the schedule by going over the details, including dates, times, holidays, and vacations. Depending on their ages, you can even make a fun, interactive calendar with notes, stickers, and drawings. When children understand the parenting times schedule, they have a better sense of security. The structure is particularly important considering the transition a child makes between two households.
Your Time Together is the Priority
The focus should be on your child during parenting time, so eliminate any distractions that may interfere. Clear your mind of work, finish up personal tasks and errands, and dedicate your attention to relationship building. In addition, arrange fun activities that promote interaction with your child – which may mean turning off the video games and putting down the cell phone for awhile.
Communication Between Parenting Time
Even when your time together is over, you’re still a parent. You need to work at maintaining that bond with your child in between visits. Fortunately, technology provides excellent tools for keeping the lines of communication open. Pick up the phone, sign on to video chats, send a message via email, or shoot off a text message. Any of these channels lets your child know that he or she is at the top of your mind. Even younger children can get some help from an adult to use these tools, especially those that allow visual stimulation.
Discuss Parenting Time with an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer
By following these and other parenting time tips, you can engage your child and develop a strong bond that will last a lifetime. Still, you may need some legal help with child custody and visitation issues, so please contact the Oklahoma City, OK Law Offices of Robert R. Robles at (405) 232-7980. You can also visit us online to schedule a consultation or review more information on parenting time.