Uber is one of the most popular mobile apps around, giving you the power to connect with a driver, schedule a ride, and pay for transportation services – all from your phone. Many Oklahoma City residents use Uber as an airport shuttle, a late-night ride home, for running errands, or other means of travel. However, car accidents can happen to anyone, anytime, even while you’re on an Uber ride. There are challenging legal issues involved if you’re injured as a result, regardless of whether your driver is at fault. An auto accident attorney can tell you more about what to do after an Uber accident, but some general tips may help.

  • Seek Medical Treatment: Your health is your first priority, so get the proper medical care necessary as necessary for your injuries. Even if you can walk away from the Uber accident, you may not experience some symptoms until a few hours or days later. Delays in seeking medical treatment may impact your right to compensation because your injuries are presumed to be minor.


  • Gather Information if Possible: Evidence is critical when filing a claim or lawsuit, especially in an Uber accident where you may not have access to any vehicle involved in the crash. Take pictures of the vehicles, license plate numbers, damage to vehicles, and the entire scene of the collision. In addition, jot down contact information for all drivers, passengers, and witnesses if possible.


  • File Your Claim: It’s likely that you’ll be dealing with multiple insurance companies in an Uber accident, including those that cover the driver of any vehicle caught up in the crash. Plus, Uber provides liability insurance for their own drivers, on top of the coverage that drivers carry for their own use. File your injury claim with all potential insurers, even if you question whether the driver was at fault.

Finally, the most important action you take after sustaining injuries in an Uber crash is retaining an experienced auto accident attorney. The involvement of a ride-sharing company complicates matters, and you can be sure that all insurance companies will point the finger at the drivers they don’t cover. A skilled attorney can assist you in navigating the laws governing liability, and will ensure you get compensation for your losses. If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident or other type of car crash, please call the Law Offices of Robert R. Robles at (405) 232-7980 or visit our website to discuss your case.