There are many different types of personal injury claim. Dog bites, car accident claims, and medical malpractice are just a few of the claim types injury victims can file to seek compensation for their financial damages. When an injury occurs because a property owner failed to remove or sufficiently warn visitors about the hazards present on his or her property, the victim can seek compensation for his or her damages through a premises liability claim.
When many people think of premises liability claims, they think of slip and fall accidents. This is a fairly common type of accident cited in premises liability claims, but it is far from the only type of accident that can occur because of a property owner’s negligence.
Exposure to Toxic Substances and Harmful Bacteria
In swimming pools, unbalanced chlorine levels and harmful bacteria in the water can pose a health threat to swimmers. Indoors, mold, asbestos dust, and lead exposure can also cause adverse health effects, some of which appear shortly after exposure and others that take years to manifest. If a property owner knows about these hazards on his or her property, he or she has the duty to remove them or notify visitors of their presence.
Not all burns come from direct contact with fires. A victim can be burned from contact with dangerously hot water, metal surfaces, chemical substances like lye, hot steam, and radiation.
Electrical Injuries
Frayed wires, malfunctioning electronic devices, and poorly grounded electrical systems all pose the risk of electrical shock and electrocution. Contact with electricity can cause burns, muscle and nerve damage, and cardiac arrest. When the voltage is high enough, a victim can die from electrical contact.
Impact with Falling Objects
An unsecured lighting fixture, sign, or decoration can fall and injure a victim below. Pieces of building facades like bricks can also become loose and fall onto victims below, causing them to suffer injuries.
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