If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you’ve probably already started the planning phases in preparation for the big day. From picking the date and booking a venue to creating the guest list, many couples are focused on making the wedding and reception unforgettable. The legal aspects of your nuptials are likely the furthest from your mind, but there are some important tasks you need to do before you say “I DO.” After all, you want to get your marriage off to the right foot, since your relationship will last long past the wedding celebration. Talk to an Oklahoma family law attorney about your specific circumstances and tackle these to-do’s before you head down the aisle.
Apply for Your Marriage License
Before the state will recognize your marriage as legal, you must apply for a marriage license and pay the proper fees. In Oklahoma County, you and your spouse-to-be must both appear to obtain the license and bring proof that you’re 18 years or older. A passport, driver’s license, state-issued ID, or birth certificate will be sufficient. If either of you has been married before, you cannot marry anyone other than a previous spouse for six months after filing the divorce decree. The filing fee is $50, but it’s reduced to $5 for couples that complete premarital counseling.
Open the Books
Before your wedding, you should share assets, income, debts, and any other financial matters with each other. Include all assets you own individually or jointly with another person, and any payments you make for child support. The last thing you want to deal with on your honeymoon is a surprise that has a considerable impact on your financial future as a couple.
Discuss a Prenuptial Agreement
Most couples will admit that talking about a prenup is certainly not the most romantic to-do, but this type of agreement features benefits for both spouses. A prenuptial agreement that sets out how a divorce will proceed can help you avoid expensive, protracted litigation that can drag on for years. The divorce process runs more smoothly when the groundwork is laid and you each have realistic expectations. However, there are certain requirements for ensuring that a prenup is enforceable; if your agreement doesn’t meet the legal standards for enforceability, the contract may be considered null and void.
Discuss a Prenuptial Agreement with an Oklahoma Lawyer
Spouses rarely approach their wedding thinking that their relationship could break down, but the potential for divorce is very real. If you find yourself considering divorce, a prenuptial agreement can help you and your spouse avoids emotionally taxing – and extremely costly – litigation. A written agreement can actually result in a more amicable divorce, helping each of you move on to a brighter future. Whether you’re seeking assistance in preparing a prenuptial agreement or would like a legal review of a contract presented to you by your partner, a skilled attorney can help. If you have questions about prenuptial agreements and want to know your options, please contact the Law Offices of Robert R. Robles at (405) 232-7980.