The decision to divorce can leave both sides full of questions and anxiety – and the attorneys at Robert Robles Law appreciate this uncertainty.  Our goal is to provide compassionate legal support to help you through this transition smoothly and avoid some of the following common mistakes.

Involving Other People

Your divorce is private, and it should remain that way.  Involving a third party can cause even more tension, especially if it is a mutual friend forced to “choose a side”.  Additionally, no matter how careful you may be, what you say could always make it back to your ex, causing problems during settlement negotiations.

Involving Children

Your children will be indivisibly linked to your divorce, but that does not mean they need to know every detail.  Children of a divorced couple will be aware of parental disagreements, but bad-mouthing an ex in front of a child can lead to disrespect of one or both parents, and it may even cause the child to pit parents against each other.

Fighting Just to Fight

You and your spouse likely have some common ground.  Perhaps you agree on division of assets or child custody.  Use these points of harmony to build a successful divorce agreement instead of fighting about every detail just because you disagree on some.

Not Advocating for Yourself

Some spouses fall in the trap of sacrificing what they want just to finalize the divorce more quickly.  While arguing each detail should be avoided, you should always speak up about items which are truly important to you.  Ranking items or outcomes by importance can help you determine when you should really advocate for yourself and what you should just let go.

Getting Legal Advice from Non-Lawyers

This is probably the most common and most detrimental of divorce mistakes.  Everybody knows someone who is divorced, but every divorced person has an individual situation.  What worked for someone else might not be best for you.  Laws change over time, and you may receive out of date information if not talking to an attorney.  This goes hand in hand with involving outsiders, but taking legal advice from non-lawyers is exceptionally harmful.

The Bottom Line

These mistakes are easy to avoid and have the potential to hugely impact your divorce proceedings. If you are considering a divorce, contact the law firm of Robert Robles Law today to discuss the next steps. We can help you avoid these mistakes and expedite the process of your divorce.