If you’re going through divorce proceedings in Oklahoma, the court may enter an order requiring one former spouse to pay spousal support to the other. Support arrangements are intended to provide the recipient with financial support during the period after filing for divorce, and after the divorce becomes final. While you and your ex can agree on the terms of spousal support, a court will enter an order if no agreement is reached. You should consult with an Oklahoma divorce lawyer about the specifics of your case, but some general information should be helpful.

Types of Spousal Support in Oklahoma:

There are two general categories of spousal support under state law:

  1.     Spousal Maintenance: This amount is awarded by a court to a spouse to help with support from when the divorce paperwork is filed, up to the date the dissolution of marriage order is entered; and,
  2.     Alimony: A court will award alimony as part of the final divorce decree, typically for a designated length of time or indefinitely.

Calculating Spousal Support

An Oklahoma divorce court will take many factors into account when determining whether to award spousal support and the specific terms regarding payment. In general, the court looks at the circumstances of each spouse, such as:

  •      The duration of the marriage
  •      The recipient spouse’s ability to support himself or herself
  •      The ability of the supporting spouse to pay
  •      How long it may take for the recipient spouse to gain self-sufficiency
  •      Many other factors that may be relevant in the case

Duration of Spousal Support

Spousal maintenance will last from when divorce proceedings are initiated until the final decree is entered. The duration for alimony payments will be indicated in the divorce decree and will continue for as long as the court determines it’s reasonable under the circumstances. However, death or remarriage of the recipient spouse will automatically terminate alimony requirements.

We Are Here To Help

Whether you’re the payor or the recipient of support after a divorce, it’s critical to make sure the amount and duration or spousal support payments are equitable under the law. Without a legal background, you may be at a disadvantage in protecting your interests in court. An experienced Oklahoma divorce lawyer will fight for your right to a fair spousal support arrangement that works for both ex-spouses. Please contact the Law Offices of Robert R. Robles at (405) 232-7980 with questions about your divorce or to discuss your matter in more detail.