This story begins with the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of a United States Marine Corps Veteran, Kristoffer Lewandowski. Veterans often call the condition caused by a traumatic, or a series of traumatic events, “shell shock.” When the symptoms of PTSD that arise from combat situations are left untreated, life back at home can become extremely difficult to navigate.

Treating PTSD with Medical Marijuana

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) conducted a poll of doctors, professors, and psychiatrists, which revealed that 76 percent of all votes were in favor of the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Additionally, in March of 2015, the Veterans Equal Access Act, which was introduced to the House of Representatives, would grant VA healthcare providers permission to recommend marijuana use for medicinal purposes. Then, in May of 2015, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted in favor of the Veterans Equal Access Amendment. This amendment would provide the Veterans Administration (VA) legal authorization to recommend military veterans medical marijuana.
For now, this only applies to states in which medical marijuana is legal. However, the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act, also introduced in March of 2015, would legalize medical marijuana across the U.S. For veterans like Kristoffer Lewandowski, passing of these legislations could be a game changer.

Kristoffer Lewandowski’s Story

After serving multiple tours of duty, U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Kristoffer Lewandowski returned home to his wife and children with PTSD. During a PTSD flare-up in June 2014, his wife removed the children from the house and cops were called to help. Rather than helping Lewandowski, the police officers on the scene searched his house. Inside, they found the marijuana plants Lewandowski was growing for the treatment of his PTSD. The cops arrested him on felony drug charges, as well as a domestic violence charge (despite his wife demanding he was never violent toward her or the children).
Due to Oklahoma’s tough anti-drug laws, he was facing a sentence of life in prison. However, outcries on Facebook and an astonishing petition with 20,000 signatures helped to secure Lewandowski’s freedom. Lewandowski also required the assistance of an Oklahoma criminal law attorney to secure his freedom on all of the charges held against him. Fortunately, all of the charges were dropped. While we still have a long way to go regarding treatment of PTSD for our veteran soldiers, this story is a small stride in the crusade for legalizing medical marijuana for our veterans.

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