In 2013, Oklahoma was number 8 on the list for top 20 states with highest rates of death by gun. This should not come as a surprise, as Oklahoma is one of the more lenient states regarding the law and owning guns. There are still restrictions in the law, and understanding what is required to own a gun could be the difference between legally owning a gun and needing a criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma.
Under the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, citizens are allowed to carry a concealed or unconcealed, loaded or unloaded gun, as long as it is licensed to the person carrying it. However, Oklahoma does not require a person to have a permit to purchase a handgun, rifle, and shotgun. Nor does the state require registration of handguns, rifles, or shotguns.

New Bill Might Make Laws In Oklahoma Even Less Lenient

Recently, a bill just passed in the House that would allow Oklahomans to carry a gun openly without a permit, and will be up for Senate vote next. If passed, House Bill 3098 would only allow non-felon individuals who legally own a weapon and are over 21 to carry unconcealed weapons for defensive or peaceful purposes. While lawmakers think House Bill 3098 simply reinforces the Second Amendment, some feel strongly that gun permits should be in place as a safeguard.
Oklahoma also does not require the following:

  •   A background check to transfer a firearm from one unlicensed party to another.
  •   Firearms dealers to be state licensed.
  •   Gun owners to report stolen or lost firearms.
  •   Regulation of unsafe handguns.

Oklahoma does not permit local governments to regulate the use of firearms, nor allow local law enforcement to deny handgun licenses.The state also does not prohibit the possession or transfer of large capacity ammunition magazines, 50 caliber rifles, or assault weapons. Oklahoma also does not limit the amount of firearms one person can purchase at a time, nor does the state impose a waiting period for the purchase of firearms.

Contact An Experienced Gun Lawyer

It will be interesting to see what happens with the House Bill 3098 vote with the Senate. Ownership of firearms of any kind requires you to know the laws supporting your rights to protect your property and yourself. If you own a gun, it is also in your best interest to forge a relationship with a trustworthy advocate who will fight for your rights. Our Oklahoma law firm can help you stay in-the-know about often confusing and complicated legal issues, feel free to contact us online by calling 405-232-7980.