When a drug you are taking causes you injury, and if the injury was due to improper marketing or a defective product, you may have a claim for product liability. Additionally, you may have a medical malpractice claim if you are suing a doctor or a hospital due to the defective or improperly marketed drug. You should contact an Oklahoma City personal injury attorney that understands product liability immediately if you have been injured by a drug.

Types of Drug-Related Claims

  •      Defective Manufacturing – Defectively manufactured products contain flaws due to the manufacturing process. An example of this is tainted medications that contain poisonous substances. The injury must be caused by the defect.
  •      Dangerous Side Effects – Most drugs cause some type of side effect. Drug manufacturers bear the responsibility of warning customers of potential side effects to ensure informed healthcare decisions.
  •      Improper Marketing – Improper marketing means failing to provide instructions or warnings about the proper use of a product. Usually, these products are dangerous in a certain way that is not obvious and special precautions are not included. This could be as simple as medicine that does not contain a warning label about potential dangerous side effects.

Proving Your Claim

There are three crucial things that you will need to prove in order to win your lawsuit. The most obvious is that you were indeed injured. Your lawyer will also have to prove that the drug was either improperly marketed or defective. Finally, and probably the most difficult connection that needs to be made is the improper marketing or the defect of the drug was the direct cause of your injury.

Class-Action Lawsuits

When someone has been injured by a drug, there are usually many others who have experienced the same injuries. When this happens, people come together and file class action lawsuits. Check if there is already an open class action lawsuit for the particular drug that caused your injuries. The benefits of class action lawsuits include that you already have legal representation from experienced lawyers, there is normally little or no upfront cost to you, and you do not have to worry about filing a lawsuit, as the lawsuit is already in motion.
If there is not a class action lawsuit open already and you feel you have been injured by a drug, contact our Oklahoma personal injury law firm to discuss your options. We have years of experience in cases of product liability and defective products involving improperly marketed and dangerous drugs.  

Contact An Experienced Defective Drug Attorney

Robert R. Robles has the experience and knowledge to help you file a claim or a lawsuit if you’ve been hurt by a dangerous drug crime or medical malpractice. To speak with Mr. Robles, you can contact him online or by calling the firm at 405-232-7980.