Last summer Jennifer had a new roof put on her house. She asked several contractors for estimates. One of the contractors, to her surprise, decided to crawl out a third-floor window onto a very high, very narrow roof ledge to measure the roof in order to write his estimate. As he was measuring the roof, he slipped and fell. Of course, a fall from that height resulted in some injuries, including a broken leg and collar bone. Now she is worried she may be liable for his injuries since he fell from her roof. This is a question many people face as contractors are employed by them to do work on their home.

Who’s Liable For The Medical Bill?

While every state has their own laws about this, the liability for a roof injury lawsuit most times will depend on whether the roofer works independently, as a subcontractor, or as an employee. For instance, if s/he is an employee of a roofing company, always verify that they have current workers’ compensation insurance for their workers. This could minimize the chances you’ll be found at fault.  Worker injury damages can be incredibly high, so hiring a personal injury attorney with experience in a roofer injury lawsuit, will likely prove worth the investment.
Negligence or dangerous conditions are usually an important aspect of any slip-and-fall injury case, including a roof injury lawsuit. In some cases, if the contractor can prove that you had unsafe conditions, or were negligent as a property owner, they may be able to sue you individually.

Contact A Legal Representative

It’s important that you hire an attorney if you are being sued by a contractor who was hurt on your property. In some cases your homeowners insurance may cover some expenses, however, there may be exclusions. At the Robert R. Robles Law Firm, I have provided aggressive and effective representation to clients throughout Oklahoma, and would love to speak to you about your case today. To get started on your case contact us online today or give us a call at 405-232-7980. Let us start working on your case immediately.