A spinal cord injury can be extremely devastating. The injury can be as small as a bulging disk, or as big as being paralyzed for life. The affects can be lifelong even with a smaller injury. The pain can cause you to miss work and pay, or just miss out on the family functions you’re used to engaging in. Depending on the type of injury will be the compensation you may receive from an insurance claim. While the compensation from a claim is minimal to replace the life you once had, it can help you pay the bills accrued because of such an injury.
Spinal cord injury cases should be handled by someone who understands the difficulty faced by an individual with an SCI. Spinal cord injuries are also traumatic for the family of the survivor.  An attorney with a good track record in handling SCI cases understands these obstacles and knows how to face a jury. A personal injury attorney who is not used to dealing with spinal cord injuries may be tempted to settle for a lesser amount out of court, rather than making the investment of time and money that a court trial requires.

Types of Damages:

Loss of wages – the cost of losing your job over an injury, not being able to work and losing a bread winner in the family.
Care Costs – the cost of doctor visits, physical therapy, or even live in care.
Pain and Suffering – The cost assessed to the pain one suffers because of the injury.
While a jury may not allow all the costs to be awarded, an experienced attorney will present the case and all of the evidence, to help you receive everything you can because of your injury. Personal injury attorneys, who specialize in dealing with spinal cord injury cases, understand the importance a large settlement can make on your future needs. They know you will need rehabilitation services, caregivers, and various medical treatments far into the future.
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