There’s no residency requirement for owning land in Oklahoma. If you want to live in New York and take advantage of the prices of oil land in Oklahoma, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from doing so. That doesn’t, however, mean that the process will be painless. At the very least, you will have to deal with the complexities of managing a property from hundreds of miles away. When you’re dealing with problems that occur in one state while you live in another, the best thing that you can do is to have a local lawyer on retainer.
One thing to understand about the law is that it isn’t always the same in each state. Attorneys are typically admitted to the bar on a state by state basis, so your attorney in your home state may not have any knowledge of the laws of Oklahoma. In fact, he or she may not be able to legally practice law in the state. That means that a local attorney will often be the only person with the legal ability to represent your interests while you are out of state. Failure to secure the services of a lawyer may leave you unprotected if there are problems with your land.
Hiring a local attorney is also a smart move because local lawyers simply know more about the area. They have connections with other professionals in the region, and they have a better idea of how the court system will treat certain problems. This gives you an edge when dealing with people who are from out of the area, and can even help you to hold your own when you deal with local problems. If you are able to work with a local lawyer, you will be sure that you have all of the protections afforded to Oklahoma residents even when you are living outside of the state.
If you want to buy land in Oklahoma and live elsewhere, there is no reason to change the way that you live your life. You do, however, need to hire an attorney that is based out of the state. It is the best way to protect your interests, and the best way to make sure that your land doesn’t cause legal headaches in the future. To learn more about purchasing land in Oklahoma for non-residents, contact attorney Robert Robles.