Fender bender accidents are one of the most common vehicle incidents that people deal with each day. A fender bender basically involves a very small accident that involves one car hitting into the fender of the car in front of them. This can be done either when a vehicle is in the process of parking or when you are coming to a stop at a light. While fender benders don’t cause all that much damage, a defect to your car can cause more damage than you would have thought possible. Some people with defective vehicles find that they have windshields that shatter during a fender bender and that this is a problem that should not happen.
Windshields are meant to take pretty high impacts, except for very major accidents when there is a lot of damage done to the vehicle. During a fender bender, the windshield should pretty much stay in place and should not shatter. If it happens to do this, this could be a sign that your car has a defect to it and that this needs to be reported and taken further. By taking the matter further, you can get the compensation that you need and this may even spark a recall to be made for your vehicle type and model which can save other people from experiencing the same thing.
One of the reasons a shattered windshield during a fender bender is a pretty major occurrence is because of the fact that it just isn’t safe. Glass particles flying around the entire car should not happen with a routine fender bender and if it does, this can be very dangerous to the occupants of the vehicle. This is why it might be a good reason to get legal assistance if you experience anything like this and feel that you need compensation.
When it comes to who to file the lawsuit with, it may be a few different people. You might want to file a lawsuit with the person who has actually hit you during the fender bender, but you might also want to consider filing a lawsuit with the actual car manufacturer as well because of the fact that the windshield should not have shattered when a fender bender happened. Contact attorney Robert Robles, he can help you to figure out what the best option is for you and your case.