It’s easy to think of a tractor as just another tool. If you run a farm, you’ve probably spent more hours on your tractor than you have in your car. While you might take the machine for granted, you should never forget that it can be quite dangerous. It’s very easy to overlook the fact that the massive machine that you use is a collection of independent moving parts, any of which can fail at any time. If your tractor malfunctions and causes an injury, it’s important that you consider the right steps to take next.
First, you should always make sure that your injuries are treated. It’s easy to shrug off something happening to you, especially when it happens in the course of a day’s work. Failing to treat your injuries is a good way to put yourself out of a job, though, and a great way to reduce your quality of life. If you are injured on a tractor, make sure to see a doctor as quickly as possible. Go to the emergency room if necessary, but make sure that a professional knows exactly what happened to you – and that it involved a malfunction on your tractor.
Next, you’ll want to figure out what happened. Did the malfunction occur because you have failed to do the necessary maintenance in the past? If so, it’s hard to call this accident the fault of the tractor or its manufacturer. If you have kept the unit in good repair, though, you’ll want to find out exactly what broke and when. If the tractor has a known fault, you will want to make sure that it is addressed. Your goal should be to find out who is liable for the malfunction – whether it is your fault, or the fault of the manufacturer.
Your best choice after having your injuries tended to is to contact an attorney. You need to figure out who is responsible for your injury, and thus who should pay for your medical bills. While you might not always remember the danger that you are in when you ride a tractor, you should always respect the fact that the big machine can cause major damage. Contact us today if you’ve been injured due to a malfunctioning tractor.