If you currently rent a piece of property that has oil on it, you might be wondering who will pay for the cleanup after your lease happens to be up. Many people are choosing to lease and rent properties that have oil wells that they can utilize while there. Unfortunately, they might not realize how messy the entire project can be until they are ready to be released of their lease and have left quite a mess behind them. Knowing who is responsible for the oil cleanup after your lease is up can help you to figure out what needs to be done on your own part.
The person who is ultimately responsible for the cleanup of the land after your lease is up is dependent on the contract that you signed. If you signed a contract that specifically states that you are responsible for paying for cleanup, this is obviously going to be something you need to do before your lease is up. If, on the other hand, the contract states that the owner of the property is responsible, then this is the one who is going to cleanup the mess and you will get to be released of your contract without any issues.
The most important thing as a renter is to specifically look at your contract before signing it to know what is involved before you actually choose to sign anything. If you feel that the cleanup costs may be too much for you, you shouldn’t sign a contract on a property that states that you need to have it cleaned before you can leave. This is also something you may want to discuss with the landlord or owner of the property, and be sure to have anything you discuss or agree upon written in writing for future use.
You can also speak with a lawyer who will get the chance to look at your contract to figure out who is responsible. In some cases, these issues aren’t written down on a contract and so the owner and renter almost have to come to an agreement on who is responsible for the cleanup. In this case, you may need to get a lawyer involved to deal with the issue and handle the overall dispute. Having anything written down in writing concerning the property and its use can also help you to get things settled if you do have to go to court. Contact us to learn more.