When you are defending your own home, it is possible that you could kill someone while they are breaking in. You have no idea what is going to happen to you or your family when someone breaks into the house, and you need to defend yourself. However, the police may have a different theory about what happened. You cannot defend yourself against police allegations once they have decided that you did it with malicious intent. You need to call an attorney who is going to follow some steps to investigate your case.

The Event

Your attorney is going to figure out exactly what happened the time that you shot someone who was breaking into your house. They will learn the exact time that everything happened, how you killed them, where they were killed and what they were doing when you killed them. Your attorney may collect more information than the police, and they will figure out what is to blame for the death of the intruder. More often than not, your attorney can prove you feared for your life.

The Intruder

When your attorney investigates the case, they are going to look at the intruder to see what the intruder was doing there. They can find the police record for the intruder, and they can trace the steps of the intruder before they arrived at your home. It is possible that the intruder cased your home prior to breaking in, and the intruder may also have a criminal history.
Your attorney may also find that the intruder had substance abuse problems or issues that would lead them to make bad decisions. All of these factors play into how dangerous the intruder was at the moment they broke into your home.
When you contact an attorney, they are going to spring into action to help you get out from under these charges. Your attorney can create a compelling case that shows you feared for your life when a stranger was breaking into your home. Without the lawyer’s help, the police could easily say that you are guilty of murder without collecting all the evidence.