If you are in a situation where an employer forged your W2, you are dealing with a serious tax fraud issue. Most people can get around these problems easily, but you still need an attorney to help you sort out how to handle the situation on your end. The attorney will try a few different steps to prove that you did not work in the way an employer claims you did.

Cease And Desist

A cease and desist letter is the first step for any attorney. They attorney will send this letter to the employer stating that they must withdraw this W2 from the federal system at once. Many businesses are going to become frightened when they read these letters because they do not want all that legal trouble. They may drop the matter right on the spot if they get a letter like this from your attorney.


If you attorney is not successful with the cease and desist letter, they will begin to investigate the matter. They can go so far as the find out who forged the document using handwriting samples, and the investigation alone may scare the business enough to make them withdraw the paperwork. If they do not withdraw, you attorney has more than enough evidence to show that you did not fill out those forms. That is tax fraud, and you will not be held liable with such evidence.

In Court

If you end up in court, your attorney can present this same evidence to the judge. A judge will be able to look over the evidence and hear from your attorney before they rule that you are not liable for taxes on income that you did not make. You must remember that only your attorney can get around all the legal jargon to come to a good resolution in court.
If you are being defrauded by an employer, you need to have a lawyer help you with this problem. Your lawyer can take all the steps above to get you out from under the thumb of the IRS, and they will argue the case in court if need be. Contact us today and get started on your case.