When you are pulled over for drunk driving, you can take a field sobriety test at the side of the road. The officer is never going to give you a clear indication if you have passed or not, but you will be able to tell if the test goes well. If you believe that you performed well on that test, you may be shocked if you get arrested anyway. You need to follow a few steps with the help of a lawyer to make sure that you keep yourself out of trouble.

Blood Or Urine Tests

When you are taken to the station, you may be asked to give a breathalyzer test to see if you are drunk. This test is going to get a good idea of your blood alcohol level on the spot. You need to ask to speak to an attorney, and you need to ask for a blood or urine test instead. These tests take longer to approve or administer, and it is possible that you might pass one of these tests if you might have failed the breathalyzer.

The Test Itself

You need to work with an attorney to figure out if the field sobriety test that was given to you was indicative of your sobriety. There are times when officers will not give the tests properly or in the right order. If the officer is found to have given the test incorrectly, it is possible that you could get the charges dismissed because of the procedure that the officer used.

In Court

You need to have an attorney by your side in court, because much of this will be argued in front of a judge. The judge can hear the evidence that your attorney collects, and they can decide if you are liable for those charges or not. However, you have no options if you do not speak to an attorney.
When you get a lawyer on the case, you will be able to manage your stop for DUI much more easily than if you were trying to do this on your own. Lawyers know the law, and they know how to help you stay out of jail.
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