Hundreds of Texas protestors met at the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the campus of the University of Texas on Saturday, January 17th 2015. The group gathered to raise awareness and to protest police brutality. After meeting at the statue, they marched to the state capitol. The group was a representation of Millions March Texas, whose organizers are calling for the Police Departments to terminate Austin Chief Art Acevedo and Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland. Throughout the country, similar protests have taken place in recent months. After the high-profile deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City citizens are holding the police officers involved responsible for their deaths.
Police Misusing Power
In addition to accounts of legitimate police brutality, there are many other ways officers of the law may misuse their power. Arresting someone for illegal possession of a gun without first checking to see if they have a permit is just one of the many ways a police officer may bend the rules in order to prosecute someone for a crime he or she didn’t commit.
The Purpose of Concealed Carry Licenses
The purpose of concealed carry licenses, and the 2nd Amendment for that matter, is to permit citizens of the United States to own and utilize firearms for the purpose of protecting themselves, their family and their property. Concealed carry licenses allow people to carry their guns on them while away from home, so long as it is not in plain view.
How does a concealed carry license protect you?
Without a concealed carry license, the law does not permit you to take your gun with you when you leave your home. With the license, you can keep your gun with you as a form of protection no matter where you are. Laws require you to notify a police officer you have a gun and to show your license if encountering law enforcement at any time so police officers are also protected.
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