It’s imperative you know how Oklahoma state laws work in aiding your responsibility to
defend yourself, as well as your property and family. There are laws that manage your
justified use of force. It’s important you know when force of any kind is considered legally
admissible and appropriate.
Part of what makes our great state’s laws so strong is their inclusion of, but not limitation
to your place of residence. The State of Oklahoma considers your “castle” to not only be
your place of residence, but, in many cases your occupied dwelling, your vehicle, your
business, or your workplace. Additionally, our statutes can help you start with a legal
presumption that you acted reasonably in your use of non-deadly or deadly force in
defense against an intruder or intruders.
With that said, there are an array of implications and subtleties to consider when
interpreting these laws. Many interpretations may be even more benevolent than you
originally thought. On the other hand, as active as these laws are, you may still be
arrested and prosecuted, even if you are finally proven to have taken admissible

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Oklahoma’s laws are supported by thousands of pages of legal thesis. We will help walk
you through your questions in regards to these great laws. Questions like:

    • Do the laws change if the intruder doesn’t have a weapon?
    • Does my housing have to be a permanent residence for me to be protected?
    • Is any vehicle I am inside of considered an occupied vehicle?
    • If the intruder is making off with my property, am I protected?
    • What is the definition of an occupied dwelling?
    • What are Stand Your Ground laws?
    • What if I am forcefully removed from my “occupied dwelling”?

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