Top 5 Most Recalled Brands

In manufactures of our food and entertainment, we put a certain amount of trust. Trust that their products which are meant to be beneficial don’t turn out to be harmful. When products turn out to be harmful, it leads to a product recall but what of those who were already harmed before the recall?
In the past few decades, there have been perhaps five most notable product recalls.
Number five on that list occurred in 2012, when Sunland Peanut Butter and Nut Products recalled their peanut butter made at their New Mexico Plant due to salmonella. The plant was found by the FDA to have several safety violations.
Number four on the list happened in 1988 when the lawn dart game Jart was recalled. Over a decade, there were a recorded three deaths due to the pointy darts.
Number three is the 2008 recall of beef produced by Westland/Hallmark when it was discovered they were allowing weak and sick animals to reach the production line. 143 million pounds of beef was recalled in fall of that year. Much of which had already made it to people’s tables and served to school children.
Number two is the recall of Firestone tires used on the Ford Explorer. The recall was a result of tread separation which led to the top heavy Explorers rolling over resulting in the deaths of 200-250 people.
Number one and most notable is Johnson and Johnson’s recall of Tylenol. In 1983, Johnson and Johnson recalled 31 million bottles of Tylenol due to its link to several murders. All of these recalls protected the public but what of those who were affected by the products before they were recalled?
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