Legal disputes involving oil and gas require the immediate attention of an experienced Oklahoma City gas and oil law firm. Robert R. Robles is a skilled oil and gas attorney with over 30 years of legal representation and trial experience. Disputes involving surface and subsurface owner rights, including oil and gas royalty negotiations and litigation, should never be left to chance. The specialized knowledge of an experienced oil and gas attorney is essential.

Oklahoma Energy Laws

Oklahoma oil and gas laws and regulations impose strict timelines for taking legal action. An effective gas and oil rights attorney must be experienced with Oklahoma real estate, business and environmental law. A sound legal strategy to obtain a favorable outcome in a pending lawsuit or legal claim must take all these factors into consideration.
Gas and oil leases generally contain a provision for the payment of royalties to the owner of Oklahoma mineral rights. It’s not unusual for royalty disputes to arise between and among landowners, energy companies and other interested parties. Although each energy or title dispute is unique, the following are some of the more common types of oil and gas royalty disputes:

  • Late and partial royalty payments
  • Failure to comply with agreed upon deadlines
  • Market value disputes
  • Production, processing or transportation disputes
  • Deduction of marketing costs from royalty payments

Oil and Gas Royalty Litigation

In and out of court, an oil and gas royalty dispute can only be resolved after the relevant surface use and operating agreements have been thoroughly scrutinized by an experienced Oklahoma energy lawyer. After being promised millions of dollars in royalties by oil drilling companies, many landowners end up being paid virtually nothing for the oil and gas that is pumped out of the ground. Energy companies employ complicated accounting techniques to deduct expenses from royalty payments, most of which are never explained to the landowner.
Energy companies have also been known to ignore royalty provisions in lease agreements. Unfortunately, many landowners enter into oil and gas lease agreements without fully understanding the royalty provisions. Royalty payments may be substantial at first, but suddenly the payments are decreased because of unspecified expenses or by using the energy to power drilling equipment and facilities. The best way to avoid or resolve a royalty dispute is to contact the oil and gas law firm of Robert R. Robles. Take advantage of a free initial consultation to learn how a seasoned energy lawyer can help you resolve your dispute.