If you are being charged with a drug crime, it is possible that you are being charged with a federal drug offense or with a state drug offense. Drug crimes are often illegal under both federal and state laws, but the circumstances under which your arrest occurs will often determine which laws you have violated. While being convicted of either a federal or state drug offense can carry similar penalties, their level of severity may depend on whether you are convicted under federal or state laws. In any case, it is important to have an experienced attorney like Robert R. Robles to defend you.
Most drug crime arrests are performed by state or local officers, and in most cases, this results in a state drug offense charge. However, it is also possible to be charged with a federal drug offense, and this can be worse news than being charged with a state offense. If you are unlucky enough to be arrested by a federal officer, you could find yourself facing federal drug charges. It is even possible to be charged federally when arrested by a state or local officer if the prosecution decides this would be appropriate.
Both state and federal drug offenses include the possibility of unpleasant penalties such as jail time. Federal drug offenses, however, often carry harsher penalties than state drug offenses. In federal cases, there are mandatory minimum sentencing laws that do not always apply in state cases. The same offense that is a misdemeanor under state law could be a felony under federal law.
Federal drug offenses can carry particularly severe penalties, but all drug offenses have the potential to complicate your life in ways that you don’t want. This is why it is important to have the right attorney to defend you when you are facing drug charges. It could mean the difference between dealing with the consequences of a drug conviction and continuing with your life as usual. Fortunately, there are qualified attorneys like Robert R. Robles who can help defend you from both federal drug offenses and state drug offenses. Contact his office to learn more about how he might able to help.