“Pollution is the forerunner of perdition.”
John Trapp

When you signed your agreement with the oil and gas company to lease your surface or subsurface land, you did so under the presumption that the company would comply with state and federal environmental regulations as well as the stipulations of your contract. What do you do when you find out your trust has been broken and breach of contract may be at play?  Litigation may be the appropriate measure, but before you hire an attorney, here are some things that may be helpful to know in the process.

State And Federal Agencies Can Help Enforce Regulations

Title owners and oil & gas producers alike are held to certain pollution standards when operating in the state of Oklahoma. The two agencies that steward these laws are the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which of course handles federal conservation laws, and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), which manages regulations on the state level.

Not Every Business Attorney Is Equipped For Oil & Gas Litigation

It may seem business and real estate attorneys bring relevant experience to surface damage and pollution claims.  However, oil and gas law presents unique challenges that only experience can help you properly navigate. At the same time, someone who only knows oil and gas law, but has no experience with business or real estate law may not provide the breadth of understanding you need.

Property Damage Or Pollution Claims

Often property owners come to the Law Office of Robert R. Robles when they have issues with property damage or pollution involving well and surface damage. If the oil and gas company you have an agreement with has breached the terms of a contract, talk with our firm immediately so that we can get to work representing your rights.  The state of Oklahoma has a rigid statute of limitations on how you have to pursuing legal action against the oil and gas company.

An Experienced Oil And Gas Attorney

The Law Offices of Robert R. Robles are uniquely equipped to provide aggressive litigation for your surface damage and pollution claim. Let Attorney Robert R. Robles leverage his 30+ years of trial experience for the benefit of your case.
Although past victories do not guarantee future wins, our firm has successfully represented surface and subsurface owners in all types of oil and gas regulation litigation.