“I do have a Bentley. I do go out.”
-Eduardo Severin
It’s no surprise that Eduardo Severin owns a Bentley. The Brazilian Internet entrepreneur’s wealth is estimated at $5 Billion (that’s roughly 16,000 brand new 2015 Bentleys). Although his wealth is only 16% of what it could have been, at one point it looked like Severin might lose everything.
Severin is said to have been a 33% Facebook shareholder at one time. You may recognize the name Eduardo from the movie “The Social Network” (Mark Zuckerberg’s college roommate). After disputes with Zuckerberg and the addition of a group of new investors, Severin was pushed out of Facebook ownership completely. That is, until Severin took the dispute to court and won.  With the help of his shareholder dispute attorney, Severin was able to win back 5% share of the company.

Experienced Shareholder Dispute Advocates

Whether you are a shareholder in a publicly traded company or a closely held corporation, it is important to be prepared to protect your interests. While there may not be billions of dollars at stake, the difference in a few percentage points and the actions of majority stakeholders can have a significant impact on your money.

Start Strong – Shareholder Agreements Matter

The best place to protect yourself is at the shareholder agreement level. Strong shareholder agreements are the foundation for a thriving business. If you are able to do so, let the Robert R. Robles team work with you and your business for a strong shareholder agreement structure from the onset.

When Disputes Arise

Disputes are a part of business. As time goes on, economies change and so do people. Internal disputes are often the biggest downfall to would-be successful businesses. If disputes go to court, they can be costly and devastating to the moral of the employees. Enlist the seasoned advocacy of Robert R. Robles to help you navigate the troubled waters of shareholder disputes.

Protecting Oklahoma Businesses for Over 30 Years

When the future of your company and your personal finances are on the line, you need the help of someone who’s been there. You need an experienced Oklahoma City shareholder disputes attorney to assist you with the complexities of business law so that you can focus on your business.
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