The Money Pit, 1986
Walter: It doesn’t make any sense, why would someone be selling a million dollar house for a hundred thousand?
Jack: Who knows? Maybe because of divorce, loan sharks, or scandal. The point is you get to capitalize on another human being’s misfortune. That’s the basis of real estate.
What Should You Know Before Buying Your Next Home?
While the plot of The Money Pit starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long may have been a large stretch, too many people have experienced purchasing a lemon of a home. A desire to own a place of your own, or perhaps start a family and put down some roots, can all too often allow emotion to rule in purchasing a home. What would normally be considered a too-good-to-be-true deal can easily be seen as “an incredible opportunity!”
Before you know it, you’re facing plumbing and electrical problems, as well as a host of infestations and structural flaws.
Know Before You Buy
Besides the seemingly obvious complications that could come with a home purchase, it is important to understand that current homeowners are required to file full real estate disclosures, giving potential buyers all the information they need about the condition of the home. Failure to do so can result in a lawsuit from the buyer.
Furthermore, the latitude of Oklahoma City Real Estate regulations include:
• Commercial and Residential Transactions
• Contract Negotiation
• Closings
• Document Review
• Mortgages and Re-financing
• Real Estate Investments
• International Real Estate Sales
• Broker Fraud
• Mortgage Fraud
• Latent Damages Claims
• False Disclosure
• Undisclosed Faults
We’re All About The Details
If you’re looking to purchase a piece of property, whether commercial or residential, we can help. We’ll set up a completely risk free consultation with no strings attached. Moreover, if you’ve found yourself in a home with formerly undisclosed, negative characteristics, we can help you establish liability and proceed with a case to obtain what you deserve. We’ll find practical solutions to your real estate problems or needs. We’ll provide you with professional, personalized legal service. With over 30 years of experience, our knowledge benefits buyers, sellers, agents, or brokers. Give us a call today.