“There’s a whole ocean of oil under our feet! No one can get at it except for me!”
– Daniel Plainview, There Will Be Blood

Paul Thomas Anderson’s film, There Will Be Blood, based on Upton Sinclair’s 1927 novel Oil! tells the story of Daniel Plainview, a silver minor turned oilman who’s on a ruthless quest for oil and wealth during Southern California’s oil boom of the late 19th / early 20th centuries. Amidst his endeavors, Plainview is approached by Paul Sunday’s family who tell Plainview of an oil deposit under the family’s farm.
Before the handshake occurs, Eli, the oldest brother, requests a higher price, feeling its worth.
Eli Was On To Something
Oil and natural gases are a valuable commodity, easy to find, but difficult to attain. That’s why locating oil on one’s land is only a minimal percentage of the battle. Drilling for it is quite complex. Additionally, traditional landowners are not familiar with the advantages and financial opportunities associated with land containing oil and gas.
Drilling companies are always in the search for more natural resources. Often, they’ll run the ownership title for a piece of property and contact the owner, eager to lease their estate in return for drilling rights. Generally, the monetary compensation seems more than adequate, but without their understanding the ramifications of land drilling or the actual valuations.
Furthermore, knowing law in this area is critical. Details like:
Lease disputes
• Energy litigation
• Royalty litigation
• Farm-out litigation
• Surface damage and pollution claims
• Reclamation
We Are Obsessive About The Details
We’ll review title opinions, surface contracts and additional agreements associated with the exploration of oil and natural gas, as well as lease and royalty agreements.
Furthermore, when a drilling company fails to get an agreement from all of the land or mineral rights owners in their area, the company can apply to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to have these owners pooled. Lease bonuses and royalty amounts are offered to pooled owners. If you have received a pooling order, we can help.
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