In general, once a separation agreement has been submitted it is considered a legally binding document.  However, there are many reasons why you may want to have your separation agreement overturned. The answer as to whether or not it can be done depends on a number of factors pertaining to your case.
It may prove to a daunting task to show the court you have a legally relevant reason for wanting to overturn the agreement, but it is certainly possible, especially with the advocacy of an experienced Oklahoma City area family law attorney at your side.  If you are interested in having your separation agreement overturned for any reason, the following questions may help you uncover an appropriate method of getting this accomplished.
This is the most simple and straightforward method of having the agreement thrown out.
Your separation agreement will likely be determined to be invalid if you are able to establish that it was not notarized.  Conversely, just because the document was notarized does not mean the agreement can’t be overturned.
If the provisions of the separation agreement are considered “unconscionable or inequitable”, it can be declared invalid. For example — if one spouse is left without adequate property or if the agreement is notable one-sided.
In some unfortunate cases one spouse leverages threats or intimidation to get the other spouse to sign a separation agreement they don’t necessarily agree with. Such constraint is illegal and if you were coerced to sign the agreement against your wishes you can have your agreement  done away with.
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