In recent years, Oklahoma has had a number fatalities due to work related injuries.  Based on statistics, here are Oklahoma’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs (based on fatality rates):
This one made the list because there have been several work-related accidents in Oklahoma bars, restaurants, and catering companies in the last couple of years.
Very little explanation needed here. Trucking is a tough job. When semi trucks are carrying large loads (sometimes with combustible and highly dangerous materials) and a collision happens, fatalities can easily occur.  Unfortunately Oklahoma has seen enough traffic accidents with semi trucks to put trucking as our #4 most dangerous job.
OSHA has done a good job to bring general regulations to the workplace to try and reduce the risk of injury and death in work-related accidents.  Even with advances in technology and increased awareness, manufacturing jobs often involve dangerous machinery and hazardous conditions on a daily basis. Manufacturing fatalities are the third highest among work-related accidents according to the Oklahoma Department of Labor.
Construction sites are also regulated by OSHA and safety inspectors to try and impact the level of caution by construction workers. However slips, trips, and falls, as well as workings being struck by falling objects and caught in between a heavy piece of machinery are among the common causes of construction-related deaths.
Roughnecks are aware of the imminent dangers that abound on drilling rigs. Slick conditions, heavy machinery, and long hours can lead to a high number of accidents. Multiply that risk by a number of oil & gas operations workers that is higher than most and you can understand why it’s one of the most dangerous jobs in Oklahoma.
If you or someone you love works one of these jobs, you need to have the security of an experienced advocate at your side you should an accident occur.  Only an experienced Oklahoma City workers’ compensation injury lawyer will be able to thoroughly investigate your case and advise you on the many ways to obtain full compensation for your work injury claim. Many workers’ compensation insurance companies will deny liability or wrongfully delay your compensation in an attempt to reduce their payout on your claim.
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