There are a variety of issues of specialization stemming from oil and gas and leases, six of which are listed below:

  • Pollution stemming from tainted ground water
  • Hazardous waste disposal from oil and gas drilling
  • Oil spills causing damage to the environment and assessing the best way to perform effective and efficient environmental remediation
  • Hydraulic fracturing commonly referred to by the oil industry as fracking using high-pressure liquids and other substances to fracture rock beneath the surface to release oil and gas for extraction purposes.
  • Contamination of water supplies to communities that pose health risks
  • Flow-back from water spills following a pipeline or oil well accident

Robles Law Firm specializes in representing individuals and entire communities affected by oil and gas company’s negligence and failure to maintain their oil and gas leases properly and remediate oil spills following an accident.
Oil and Gas Lawyers in OK
If you or a member of your family has suffered personal injuries resulting from pollution or hazardous waste materials coming in contact with your drinking water, or if you have lost livestock due to contaminated land or water, contact Robles Law Firm, OK Oil and Gas Lawyers to fight for your rights to receive fair and just compensation.
Robles Law Firm has many years of experience and a strong background in oil and gas lease negotiations as well as the issues of specialization stemming from oil and gas.