When a dispute arises regarding an oil and gas lease between a landowner and an oil and gas company it is typically an extremely complex matter that can easily wind up in court.
If a breach reaches the court level, the court will determine the resolution by carefully examining the lease agreement itself, and evaluating if damages have, or are likely to occur such as:

  • Has the oil and gas company placed human beings or livestock at risk
  • Has the oil and gas company failed to comply with the terms of the contract regarding placement of tanks for the collection and storage of the oil and gas being extracted
  • Are access roads being used properly
  • Are royalty payments being made as agreed upon

Regardless of what may be the issue, if an oil and gas company breaches an oil and gas lease contract with a landowner, stiff penalties may be imposed if the court finds the oil and gas company guilty of the breach.
Oklahoma Oil and Gas Attorney
Having skilled and experienced legal representation will alleviate an already stressful situation that could take some time to resolve.
Robles Law Firm has worked with a multitude of clients to resolve their oil and gas lease disputes with large oil and gas companies that have breached their contracts. Our law firm has won large dollars amounts in damages awarded to our clients after successfully litigating their case through the court process.
Facing off with an oil and gas company when they have breached their contract can be intimidating when you are dealing with well-seasoned and experienced attorneys on their side.  Allow the highly respected and skilled oil and gas lease lawyer at Robles Law Firm to fight for your rights.
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