Business disputes can be more than just annoying; they can have a severe, negative impact on the success of your business. Resolving a business dispute quickly between your suppliers, contractors, employees or customers is an imperative step in helping your company succeed.
If you get trapped in a “he said/ she said” argument, you need to have the wisdom to step back from the situation and determine a reasonable solution before the argument ends in costly litigation. If there does not seem to be an appropriate resolution, you may need to consult with a reputable business attorney to determine the steps you should take. The Oklahoma City law firm of Robert R. Robles can offer expert skills in business dispute mediation and litigation.
Avoiding a He Said/ She Said” Case
As a business owner, you can avoid some “he said/ she said” situations by ensuring you have signed contracts that are easily understood and binding. Employees should have employment contracts with employee manuals to explain how you want your business handled. Contractors should be given written contracts that explain their duties without question, and the way they will be paid.
Oklahoma City Business Attorney
Robert Robles will offer you sound guidance in the resolution of your business disputes. Our firm recognizes the urgency of reaching a solution in a timely manner. Contact our firm today to determine the best route for you to take. We will always maintain your company’s success as our central focus.