It may seem cliché for a lawyer to tell you that the first thing you need to do in preparing for a divorce is to contact an experienced family lawyer; however, if you follow that advice, you can be saved much heartache in the future. Robert Robles can offer critical insight into the proper way to prepare for your divorce.
There are legalities that you may overlook if you fail to consult with a lawyer at the first hint you might be headed for a divorce. There are implications if you admit fault, move out, or relinquish financial control that may cause you to have to pay more in alimony or child support, or cause you to lose money you might otherwise be awarded.
Additional Preparation for a Divorce in OKC
Other important steps to take in preparing for divorce include:

  • Make copies of all important documents – include tax returns, bank statements, retirement and investment statements, life insurance policies, mortgage documentation, etc. If you have a prenuptial agreement, include it in your copies and maintain a folder for future access.
  • Document all property and assets, including furniture, jewelry, cars and other valuables.
  • Ensure you have full knowledge of your monthly family budget, debt and expenses.
  • Know what your spouse earns; this is an easy task if your spouse earns a regular salary, but can be more difficult if he or she is self-employed, earns commissions or owns a business.
  • Put your children’s needs at the top of your priorities. Try to maintain a positive environment for your kids.

OKC Family Law Representation
Robert R Robles family law practice in OKC has the expertise you need to file a divorce with as little as stress as possible. When you have your initial consultation, you can gather necessary information to help you make important decisions as the process moves forward. Contact our firm today, and prevent costly mistakes in preparing for your divorce.