Across the U.S., the most common contested probate litigation scenario involves an elderly individual with questionable mental cognizance signing a new will.  This often occurs during the last few months, or last year of the individual’s life, and typically excludes heirs included in the original will.
The Elderly May be Vulnerable When Family Members Live Elsewhere
The new will may be written and signed due to the person wanting to demonstrate appreciation for help and companionship that others did not, or could not provide. This is typical when close family members move out-of-state.  In some instances, the individual may feel pressured, or tricked into signing a new will, by family members, or others.  In the latter case, it may be difficult to prove the will was rewritten and then signed under duress.
It is not uncommon for the elderly to be taken advantage of in many areas of their lives, and when relatives learn that an inheritance they had counted on has been willed to someone else, it is devastating not only financially, but also from an emotional perspective.  It often turns their world upside down to consider the person they thought had deep love and affection for them, and they likewise cared deeply about, could so easily, and seemingly without any consideration as to how they would be affected, give away that inheritance.
OK Probate Litigation Assistance
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