Oklahoma statute 47-11-902 v1, title 47, defines what is considered in Oklahoma DUI cases, and includes:

  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence)
  • DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)
  • APC (Actual Physical Control)

An Oklahoma DUI is not to be taken lightly, and can be a life-changing experience.  You can be subject to losing your driver’s license, court fees, attorney’s fees, fines, and other penalties in addition to jail time.  When you consider that jail time may also cost you your job, and the respect of family and friends, it forces you to evaluate the seriousness of being charged with a DUI.
Securing the services of a knowledgeable DUI attorney is imperative in order for you to retain your license, and obtain the legal advice that can help save your job and your reputation.
Following a DUI arrest, the Department of Public Safety only allows you 15 days to schedule a hearing that can help you avoid losing your license.  If you exceed this time frame, it is very likely you will lose your driver’s license to the state.  Your Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer at Robert R. Robles will assist you in requesting your hearing.
First Offense DUI’s Involve the Following:

  • Ten days to one year in jail
  • $1,000 fine
  • 180 days suspension of driver’s license
  • Misdemeanor charges

If you have been arrested for a first offense or subsequent DUI, contact Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer, Robert Robles, to discuss your charges and how a DUI will affect your future.