The Associated Press published an article on March 1, 2013 regarding a tragic car accident in rural Cleveland County, 35 miles south of OKC that killed the bass guitar player from Oklahoma’s own Toby Keith’s band. 54-year-old Carl “Chuck” Goff Jr. was killed in a two car accident.
The crash remains under investigation. Authorities report that the other driver was not seriously injured.
Car accidents happen in a split second and can have devastating results. Families’ lives were changed forever as a result of this unfortunate wreck. If you or someone one you love has suffered injury or fatality from a car accident, Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyer, Robert Robles can help recuperate financial losses resulting from the crash.
Following are a few FAQs regarding car accidents:

  1. Do you need a lawyer’s assistance if you have been in a car accident?

A person involved in a car accident can benefit from a lawyer’s counsel if personal injuries were involved or if there is some discrepancy over who is at fault. Financial consequences from personal injuries can take a tow on you and your family. Robert Robles can help recover these monies for medical bills and lost wages resulting from your injuries.

  1. How much money can you receive from filing a claim?

Medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of lifestyle and property damage will be considered when filing a personal injury claim. A settlement can often be reached prior to a hearing or trial before a judge in cases in OKC. The amount you should seek in your claim can be determined by an experience car accident lawyer.

  1. Should you accept a settlement from the insurance company prior to consulting with a lawyer?

An insurance company’s main goal is to pay as little as possible on every claim they face. Agreeing to a settlement without consulting an Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyer could result in you not receiving all the monies you will need to fully recuperate from your injuries.
Contact Robert Robles for a free evaluation. OKC car accidents are handled on a contingent basis, meaning you do not pay any fee unless our lawyers recover compensation for you.