Most consumers in Oklahoma City, and across the United States, assume that a newly purchased product is safe to handle in the way it was designed to be utilized. Unfortunately, product development and manufacturing do not always place the safety of their products as a priority. Victims who suffer a personal injury from a defective product should file a product liability claim.
There a three main categories of defects that can result in personal injury and lead to a product liability claim on behalf of the victim. These categories include:

  • Design defects: typically originates in the design and development of the product. Design defects will normally affect the entire line that is manufactured with the design.
  • Manufacturing defects: if the design of a product is sound, a defect can still occur during the manufacturing of the product.
  • Failure to warn properly of the product’s danger: if a highly dangerous product, such as a dirt bike, does not have proper warnings included with the sale of the product to reduce the risk of injury, the product may be considered too dangerous and defective.

Types of Product Liability Claims
Three types of product liability claims can be filed, including:

  1. Negligence: if the designer, manufacturer or retailer of a product acts in a negligent manner without operating with reasonable care, then a product liability claim can be filed against the negligent party.
  2. Breach of Warranty: based upon expressed or implied warranties in contract law; fine printed labels or documents may try to reduce the product liability.
  3. Strict Products Liability: an injured person must prove the product was defective, the defect was present prior to the purchase of the product, and the defect is the cause of the injuries.

Personal Injury Help for Product Liability Claims
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