One service our firm in Oklahoma City wants to offer is alerting the public when a defective product is announced or recalled. The risks of a defective product can be severe, and even life threatening.
Defective Product Recalled
Sassy and Carter toy companies have issued a voluntary recall on a line of defective toys. The Hug N’ Tug Puppies and Monkeys were created to entertain babies and toddlers while they are riding in a stroller or car seat. These two lines of toys contain a plastic ball with little beads inside in the center of each animal toy. The Sassy manufactured toy has had multiple balls break and create a choking hazard for children. The Carter Company has not had any reports of the balls breaking, but has asked that their line be recalled as well to avoid the risks involved with the toy. At this time, there are no injuries reported from the defective product.
Reports indicate that over 45,000 defective toys were sold in the United States and Canada. Toys ‘R” Us, Target and other toy retailers sold the toys. The toy was also sold online.
Product Liability for Defective Products
Unfortunately, toy design companies can sometimes place more emphasis on making a profit than they do on the safety of the toy they are creating. It can be difficult for companies to notify parents when a product is deemed defective. An Oklahoma City parent whose child has suffered an injury due to a defective product needs to seek assistance from a product liability attorney.
Contact Robert R. Robles today for expert product liability counsel. A defective product creates great risks of injuries. Help prevent others from the defective product by holding the proper entities liable for their negligence.