Night-time Car Accidents
A night-time car crash in Tampa, Florida resulted in one person being ejected and a total of three people being taken to the hospital for injuries. The fault of the wreck was not immediately evident.
Incidents such as this wreck happen often in Florida. Tavares Car Accident Attorneys know Florida’s law pertaining to wrecks. If you are involved in a car accident, it is important to consult with an attorney. Do not admit fault at the site of the accident. Every car accident has unique circumstances and only a lawyer experienced in accident representation knows all the ins-and-outs regarding automobile wrecks.
Driving at night requires extra precautions. The number of drivers on the road at nighttime is 75% less than the number of drivers on the road during the daytime. However, traffic fatalities are tripled during the night. Factors that contribute to car accidents when driving at night include:
•                  Poor visibility – headlights and street lights can only brighten driving areas to a limited amount. Peripheral vision is limited and distance is difficult to assess at night.
•                  Fatigue – drivers at night are often tired from the stress of the day or long hours on the road.
•                  Alcohol – many people consume alcohol at night, and although the number of alcohol-related arrests has decreased, alcohol remains one of the most significant factors in car accidents.
When you are driving at night it is important to remember to increase your following distance between you and the traffic in front of you. Furthermore, ensure that you are well-rested, and of course, that you never drive if you are intoxicated. Consider that others may not be using the same good judgment and be ready to make quick, defensive decisions.
Car accidents are one of the most unnerving experiences a person can endure. If injuries are incurred, the effects can be long-lasting. Tavares, Florida Car Accident Lawyers know how to help get you back on the road and recovering from the aftermath of a wreck. Don’t let an insurance company shortchange you with an unfair settlement. Contact Oldham & Smith today for a free consultation.